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Discover the advantages of iForgeAhead ... built on today's latest technology.

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What iForgeAhead Provides

  • Organize contacts by type: horse owners, stables, vets, and any types that you define.
  • Dynamic filtering and sorting allow you to quickly find a contact by name, type, location, etc.
  • Multiple phone numbers: you can prioritize the numbers differently for each contact.
  • Address and directions, including an auto-generated map to the address.
  • Ability to add an identification photo for each contact.
  • Dynamic filtering and sorting allow you to quickly find a horse by name, owner, stable, due date, etc.
  • Unlimited notes for each horse.
  • Unlimited pictures for each horse (video capability will be added within the first few months as well).
  • Due Date is auto-updated; quickly check which horses are due for hoofcare in any timeframe.
  • HoofTrak: build an unlimited history of hoof stats on any horse.
  • User-defined fields allow you to track custom information for each horse (for example, Vet instruction, Environment, Attitude).
  • Drag-n-drop to easily move appointments.
  • Schedule can be viewed by day, week or month.
  • Recurring appointments help you to quickly build your schedule.
  • Define color-coded appointment types to organize your schedule. For example, normal appointments could be displayed in blue, tentative in gray, personal in green, etc.
  • Select horses to be worked in an appointment – automatically displays relevant history for each horse.
  • Easy invoice creation, including feature to copy the last invoice for a client.
  • Email invoices to clients.
  • Custom sales tax structure allows different sales tax rates for different customers.
  • Easily monitor past due accounts.
  • Track business expenses and mileage.
  • Custom categories for expenses.
  • Many financial reports to help analyze your business, prepare taxes, etc.


Benefits of iForgeAhead

  • Use iForgeAhead on any device, and use it from multiple devices – your PC, Mac, Droid, iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc.
  • Screens auto-adjust based on the device you are using; when using a mobile device the screens are optimized for a small display area.
  • iForgeAhead is device independent – if your laptop, PC , phone, tablet, etc. is damaged or lost, your data and the program are still intact and secure. Simply login to iForgeAhead from another device and you’re good to go!
  • Ability to add two users to your account, and changes by any user are immediately visible to all other users of your account. If someone in your office reschedules an appointment or enters a payment, that change will be visible to you automatically.
  • Automatic backups to protect your data – no need for you to manually backup your records.
  • Automatic, on-going updates: New features are immediately available to you as we add them – nothing for you to install.
  • Video Tutorials – an extensive library of brief videos that demonstrate how to work with each aspect of iForgeAhead. Need to know how to move an appointment? There’s a video that shows you exactly how to do it.
  • iForgeAhead forums – a virtual community of farriers and iForgeAhead developers. Have a question on iForgeAhead, or a suggestion to improve it? Post it on this online bulletin board and receive responses from your colleagues as well as the iFA staff.
Additional Info
  • Current users of Forge Ahead (our Windows application) can get started by migrating their current Forge Ahead data into iForgeAhead, allowing you to begin with the new program where you left off with the original program.
  • A Multi-Farrier version will be available within a few months.
  • iForgeAhead will be available in Spanish, German, French and Italian within a few months.
The 30-day Free Trial allows you to try iForgeAhead at no cost, and data you enter during the trial can be retained when you purchase.

  • $20 / month